Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trends and Knowledge

To question means and question ends;
To know that ears are always there to lend.
Or lose, and just assume that all is known
The former is the way the winds have blown.

Atheists rise in number and force
Church decline then as a matter of course.
Some are fed up, others might be just cheap,
But there is less faith in which to leap.

Funding cut short, "Oh what should we do?"
Cry parishoners, evangelists, the whole frick'n zoo.
Did not your holy book say the poor were blessed?
Maybe you missed it, since studies said we knew it best.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Methinks You Protest...

An outcry then, the poet will span
The ocean to meet the pope
Our protests call, that pedo did fall
How will he ever be able to cope?

In spirit, in flesh, our hopes all mesh
To keep out the bards of rats.
Let guard not slip, vigilance not dip,
Let him know today, we are the cats.

And yet the rat bard, in slight retard
Said Nazis were atheists this September
Gott mit uns was their truth, and as ex-Hitler youth,
You'd think that he would remember

His ploy was foiled, and then cops toiled
And unearthed some more problems to answer
The criminals then lurk, just from clergy to clerk
And that is truly humanity's cancer.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Rhyming Introduction

Good evening, or so I hope, my good friend,
My tale today is but one voice in the choir I attend
I aspire not to bait, nor troll, nor attempt to cast out
Instead, I welcome those who feel and know doubt.

Athiest I am, not angry like the strawman shows
Though I am what I am, and from my existence flows
A seeming pity for those caught in their nets
Who train you, extort you, and keep you as pets.

This said, I still welcome those of the faith
And I hope that over here, you can still feel safe
I don't attack with bombs, with knives or a gun
Words are my weapon, to get my will done.

A rapier wit, an education and a small homemade blog
My tools to make a rest stop through the everyday slog.
So stay awhile and listen, bring a chair by the fire,
We'll laugh, we'll cry, and discuss Truth 'til we tire.